Amy Tracy

  Church Relations Chair

Habitat for Humanity welcomes all people to build with us in partnership. "The Bible teaches that God is the God of the whole crowd," explained Fuller.  "God's love leaves nobody out, and my love should not either."  This understanding drives 'the theology of the hammer' around the world, steadily building more and more houses in more and more countries."

Since our inception, the Apostle Churches have built several new homes in Inkster, Canton and Van Buren (Belleville)! Thank you to the following Apostle churches for your faithful support:

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Habitat is a partnership founded on common ground bridging theological, political and economic differences by putting love into action. Everyone can use the hammer as an instrument to manifest God's love.

Habitat founder Millard Fuller called this concept the theology of the hammer, explaining:  "We may disagree on all sorts of other things ... but we can agree on the idea of building homes with God's people in need, and in doing so using biblical economics: no profit and no interest."

Churches are essential in grounding the work of Habitat in the gospel message and under girding the ministry of Habitat in prayer. Churches have proved to be our most reliable and long term partners.  The most successful Habitat for Humanity affiliates are the ones with the strongest church support.  Our affiliate benefit from the contributions that churches make to this ministry.  The prayer, financial and volunteer support that churches provide is the backbone of Habitat’s work.    

Is God calling you and your church to be one of the twelve Apostle Churches?
"I will show you my faith by what I do" James 2:18


Regardless of how you feel personally about the homeless, one thing can be said for certain - they often have a bad reputation in society today. Whether they're viewed as lazy, addicted, or just a nuisance as they're frequently seen asking for money, it seems that they shouldn't be judged at face value.  

After giving a homeless man $100, Josh Paler Lin decided to follow him around to see what he bought.  Needless to say, when the first stop was a liquor store, Lin wasn't all that shocked when the man came out with a few bags.

But things are not always as they appear. This is a touching and compelling story that we at Habitat for Humanity deal with very often. People are judged because they are in need of a hand to get their lives back on track.  A lot of them are in not in a position of need because they're irresponsible......but because they're victims of circumstances beyond their control. 

Get Involved!  Help Build It! .

Habitat for Humanity has built more than one million houses, affecting change in more than 22 million lives in over 80 countries around the world. Habitat is a grassroots, Christian organization founded on common ground. We bridge theological, political, racial and economic differences by putting love into action.